Communication Skills

communication skills
95% of successfully managed tasks within an organization depend on the efficiency of the internal communication between managers and employees. Improving the communication skills of their employees represents a must for every organization that aims to be a successful one.
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The training we propose is a very dynamic and interactive one, based on knowledge optimization, skills development and forming attitudes. In order to achieve them, we use behavioral applied sciences through experiential learning methods.

We also use Game Based learning, a training methodology developed with our partners as part of the GREAT project (Game based Research in Education and Action Training).

Course Topics

The training comprises a succession of practical and theoretical applications and elements on the following topics:
● Organizational Behavior: internal communication and external communication. Organizational culture and its impact on internal communication.
● Inter and intra-departmental communication. Working groups, work teams and the role of internal communication.
● Styles of communication in the organization.
● Barriers in communication.
● Techniques for efficient internal communication.
● Differences between company employees. Conflicts and conflict management communication strategies.
● Effects at the individual and organizational communication.


At the end of the training, participants will:
● Improve communication within the company with all kinds of “receptors” / “emitters”;
● Be aware of the impact of internal communication at all levels of the company;
● Improve their role regarding communication flow within the organization;
● Be able to use tools and methods to avoid or reduce the impact of barriers in internal communication;
● Be aware of the importance of compliance and enforcement of certain rules at interdepartmental communication;
● Understand the importance of communication to facilitate the fulfillment of duties in a timely and quality parameters default.