Customized training courses for companies


The training courses are developed on the experiential method, based on applied behavioral sciences, combined with elements from the game theory.

The applications are built to bring forth possible rational or emotional actions, determined by his/her personal values. Also, in certain situations, we choose, from the multitude of possible actions, a relevant action for the company. We create actions which respect a certain structure for the interest of the company or of the individual. The possible achievable action chosen by the individual is analyzed from the point of view of the results.

How it works

Internal organizational evaluation
Organizational assessment Business process assessments. Development objectives analysis. learning needs assessment, Setting up the participant profile, organizational culture diagnose, Building scenarios with real life examples and perspectives from the organization, to develop learning games.
Transferring the educational needs into customized courses

Setting learning objectives according to the company requirements for every learning session

Developing customized training courses based on minimum 75 % practical applications/ exercices during the training course

Delivering the training sesions

Setting all the technical details.

Organizing and delivering the training sessions.

Performance assessment reports.

Providing report card with feedback for each delegate at the end of the course.

Follow-up and business assistance

Observing the evolution of the participants.

Individual and group coaching.

On line, real time assistance.

Follow up workshops.

Team building

Escape games
Space race
Film Festival
Open space Workshop

Project management consulting services
Entrepreneurial consolting services

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